Away from Kos city in an idyllic area embraced by the beauties of nature and overlooking the sea is Massage on Kos studio. A place surrounded by olive trees, flowers and wild herbs. Let yourself through massage to feel more whole, relaxed and revitalized. A holistic experience where mind, body and soul wellbeing can be achieved. Massage on Kos brings your Body into balance.


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Botanical Massage

A blissful experience using heavenly essential oils & infused herbal oils from Kos island or Greece. Harmonised for your bespoke requirements. This massage experience helps to restore imbalances, while relieving tension and addressing fatigue.



A deeply relaxing treatment performed on bare feet. It works on the reflex areas of the feet corresponding to all the glands, organs & parts of the body. Proper stimulation of these reflexes can help many health problems in a natural way. Preventative & Complementary therapy. 


Thai Massage

Performed on a special mattress on the floor without the use of oil, while the recipient is dressed in comfortable clothes. In this massage therapy rhythmic, slow pressures & stretches are used along the body's energy lines, tailored to your personal needs. 

Toxic Feeling

Feel, take care of your beautiful soul. Our feelings  play a big role in the way that our body reacts. A pain somewhere in your body, is most often a symptom... where the root cause is a toxic feeling!

Listen to your Body

Try to listen to your body messages.  What your body is trying to tell you? Find ways to help your body. Nutrition, walking in nature, massage, a good friend, be in silence, etc. Are some ways to help you. Just try to listen…

 Open until November 21st


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