Reflexology and Holistic Massage Treatments on Kos with Dionysia Toulanta


Dionysia Toulanta is a caring, professional and experienced Holistic Reflexologist & Massage Therapist based on Kos island, Greece. 


Away from Kos city in an idyllic area embraced by the beauties of nature and overlooking the sea is Massage on Kos studio. A place surrounded by olive trees, flowers and wild herbs. Let yourself through massage to feel more whole, relaxed and revitalized. A holistic experience where mind, body and soul wellbeing can be achieved. Massage on Kos brings your Body into balance.



Massage on Kos

Our signature blend of relaxing Swedish & deep tissue massage to relieve  muscle pain, aid injury recovery & improve stress conditions. YOUR massage will develop depending on YOUR individual needs. 



A deeply relaxing treatment performed on bare feet. It works on the reflex areas of the feet corresponding to all the glands, organs & parts of the body. Proper stimulation of these reflexes can help many health problems in a natural way.  


Thai Massage

Performed on a special mattress on the floor without the use of oil, while the recipient is dressed in comfortable clothes. In this massage therapy rhythmic,  deep pressures & stretches are used along the body's energy lines, tailored to your personal needs.

Toxic Feeling

Feel, take care of your beautiful soul. Our feelings  play a big role in the way that our body reacts. A pain somewhere in your body, is most often a symptom... where the root cause is a toxic feeling!

Listen to your Body

Try to listen to your body messages.  What your body is trying to tell you? Find ways to help your body. Nutrition, walking in nature, massage, a good friend, be in silence, etc. Are some ways to help you. Just try to listen…


"Dionysia is a pure person who truly works from her soul. Her massages are way more than a massage. I feel Dionysia is doing deep healing work for any soul that she meets. I had a massage in 2019 on Kos and this year (2021) I came visit her again because I simply never forgot the massage she gave me in 2019 and the love she is spreading by just being who she is.  From my heart I say, go visit Dionysia, her serene and peaceful studio is located on a beautiful hill, surrounded by the lemon and fig trees. The whole experience is a true gift for yourself. 

Sending you love!"

Anne-Marie Poels, Netherlands

"I was privileged to have a massage and a foot-reflexology by Dyonisia Toulanta. She is a real professional who knows what she’s doing. I felt really «taken care off ». Dyonisia ensures she understands my main issues and has a vast knowledge of Therapies that could help.

 In my case: looking for supplements:).

Thank you, Dyonisia!"

Katrien Kindts, Netherlands

"I am a reflexologist myself professionally. It was therefore a unique opportunity for me to be treated in Kos during my yoga retreat by Dionysia. What a pleasant surprise. Dionysia's natural kindness allowed me to surrender very quickly. It was not the intention that I would follow the entire treatment from my own knowledge. The room breathed tranquility, as did Dionysia. She is certainly knowledgeable and knows what she is talking about. She knows the connections between the physical body and the emotions that go with it. Thanks to her holistic approach, you can be sure of a correct treatment, adapted to the customer.  I was pleasantly surprised by Dionysia and if I lived on Kos she was my monthly therapist because I know how healing a foot reflex is, to feel good. The contact with the therapist is very important but Dionysia has such a nice, pure energy that it is almost impossible not to feel good with her.

I highly recommend her."

Tamara Bammens, Belgium

Dionysia completely felt where I had tensions in my body and worked the spots out. I felt really relaxed and comfortable during and after the massage. It even stills works now, a month after the treatment. She took a lot of time for me and thought with me, how I could decrease my complaints in everyday life. Also, her studio on the hill with the beautiful garden and view made it even a nicer experience. She is such a warm-hearted, engaged, knowledgeable, generous and sweet person, it felt like a warm sunbath. I definitely would recommend her treatment to anyone!"

Sophie, German

Brings your body into balance...


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Dionysia offers bespoke holistic treatments from her tranquil massage studio, which has ample free parking.

Monday - Friday (10am-8pm)

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