My name is Dionysia Toulanta, and I grew up on the beautiful island of Kos (Greece).

The island where the father of medicine had been borned – Hippocrates.

Being overweight and passing from anorexia to bulimia, I set out to seek solutions through nutrition & alternative therapies (reflexology, acupuncture, etc.) for my health issues from the young age of 17. I studied Business Administration and own a Bachelor degree, and after completion of my studies with distinction, I opened the first Organic food store on the island of Kos.

I quickly found out that I was “suffocating” in an enclosed space surrounded by four walls. The organic food shop was not what I had in mind. Instead of buying fruits, vegetables and other essentials, customers were purchasing potato chips, chewing gum, chocolates, and gluten-free products, but all organic products nonetheless! This was not Health, it was plain commerce.

My acquaintance with my mentor Spartakos Marinakis (Naturopath doctor/ Professor of physical education), would prove to be a decisive time for me. It was an acquaintance that would change my life on many levels. I started to listen to my body, to love it, and care for it as if caring for a small child. With Spartakos as my guide, I trekked past a vegetarian diet to a raw food diet and to an intensive daily exercise regime.

Because, i started loving so much the new way of my eating habits, i started experimenting with new recipes and the result was to make my first book “Sweets from Nature” & my ebooks Milks from Nuts & Seeds & “50 Dressings from Nature” (all are in Greek Language).

As a result I lost 30 kilos with a natural way… and my body is better than ever!

Being vegan for 15 years & the passion for juicing, smoothies, salads & the desire to help you, drived me to be trained in juices and to become a Juice – Health Coach.

However, my journey does not stop here. I worked next to Spartakos Marinakis to his place in Cyprus with cancer patients & any patient as a reflexologist & holistic massage therapist.

As a lover of travelling I combined my travel to Thailand with learning the art of the Traditional Thai Massage. I went to study at one of the best schools of Thai massage in Thailand. I met many different people and I learned from real Thai teachers the ancient healing art of Thai massage. 


But my learning never stops… the more I am in the field, the more I want to know!

I always loved the natural ways of healing. Don’t forget that I grow up at Hippocrates  island… 

Hippocrates used herbs, massage, food and many other natural ways to heal his patients and this was one more reason to love my new path. The use of the herbal ball and how the herbs & essential oils help our bodies, was something that really took my heart!

I would like to welcome you at “Massage on Kos” and as I don’t like to speak a lot, let my hands do the work…