As a licensed massage therapist, aromatherapist and reflexologist with a holistic approach towards body care, for more than 10 years my goal is to help you achieve the best version of yourself.

There are many factors that play a role in the overall health of your body (like sleep, stress, diet, lifestyle, relationships, etc.). The reality is that your body can begin to heal and rejuvenate when you make  changes. I'm here to guide you on how to make these choices when it comes to your body care so that you feel confident in your decision making.

Together we can choose the proper treatments and use only quality and organic products as base oil, herbs and essential oils.

Take the time to truly dive in understanding what your body is trying to tell you through natural treatments.

I look forward to guiding you on your own wellness path.

- Dionysia


P.S. An important moment in the course of my knowledge of holistic health was my cooperation for over 7 years with the well-known Greek Naturopath Spartakos Marinakis ( I thank him as he was and still is for me... my mentor & teacher!


Holistic Massage therapist
(University of Nicosia & approved by ITEC)

Reflexologist (University of Nicosia & approved by ITEC)

Aromatherapist (University of Nicosia & approved by ITEC)

Professional Thai Massage Therapist (TMC school, Thailand)

Juice Therapist (UK)

Business Administration (Bachelor degree)


Katie Johnson

Kitchen Chef

I love to cook. I didn't want to stop working. Thanks to Dionysia my lower back pain & leg cramps has gone. Thank you Dionysia for the real Therapeutic Thai Massage.

Earl Mc


I have been diagnosted with Multiple sclerosis. I didn't have the mood and power to do my everyday house duties. So, i heard for the Reflexology benefits and i thought i should try it and i didn't regret it. Thank you Dionysia, i feel more energized, my pains are less and everyday i have less stress than before.

Maria Kiriakou


No words... Head massage is what i need when i feel my head like a bomb that is ready to explode. Just Wonderful, relaxing feeling!

John Doler


30 minutes of back massage, really helpful for my back pain but mostly for my shoulder pain. Dionysia thank you for you good work...

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