Thai massage with a Jean! Nicosia, Cyprus

Thai massage with a Jean! Most of the people need a big motivation to do something for themselves. Michalis belongs to most of the people group. He is doing massage every 6 months. When the hunting begins and he wants to be in shape. He came to me after his 10 hours work. He is…

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Eleni… a real fighter! – Thai massage Nicosia

Eleni… Eleni is a real fighter in this world. She was really young when she was diagnosed with cancer. Now, she is 20 years old and she is a survivor from an incurable disease. She is a happy person, she eats a vegan healthy diet, she is doing everyday exercise, she study what she loves…

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Valanto’s Rejuvenation – Thai massage

Valanto came from Ammochosto (Cyprus) to try the Traditional Thai massage. She wanted so much to have a massage… It was her first massage! From the first sight, she looked healthy, vibrant with a ballerina’s body. After talking to her she told me that she didn’t try to have this body. She was gifted by…

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Michalis Knee Pain – Thai massage Kos island

On Tuesday Michalis came to my place because he got a knee pain. We worked together 1 hour and 30 minutes. A nice therapeutic combination of Reflexology & Thai massage in kos island. After 1 hour & 30 minutes the swelling in the knee subsided. No pain – No swelling. Fantastic!   To keep the…

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Olga’s Autoimmune Disease – Thai massage Kos island

2 months ago Olga came to me. She has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. We met while i was to my birth place, Kos island. We talked a lot about her situation and she wanted to try my Exclusive Thai massage. She suffer from an autoimmune disease and the symptoms are really painfull in…

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The true nature of Treatment

The actual concept of Healing In Ancient civilizations treatment wasn’t just treating the symptom. The therapist ability was to make sick people understand that they can heel there body on their own. “Let your body though nature laws to heal you…” You may ask? How can I be healed, by myself? You are not alone.…

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