Let me tell you a little story about me!

My name is Dionysia Toulanta, and I grew up on the beautiful island of Kos (Greece). The island where the father of medicine had been borned.

Being overweight, I set out to seek solutions through nutrition for my health issues from the young age of 17. I studied Business Administration and own a Bachelor degree, and after completion of my studies, I opened the first Organic food store on the island of Kos.

I quickly found out that I was “suffocating” in an enclosed space surrounded by four walls. The organic food shop was not what I had in mind. Instead of buying fruits, vegetables and other essentials, customers were purchasing potato chips, chewing gum, chocolates, and gluten-free products, but all organic products nonetheless! This was not Health, it was plain commerce.

My acquaintance with my mentor Spartakos Marinakis (Naturopath doctor/ Professor of physical education), would prove to be a decisive time for me. It was an acquaintance that would change my life on many levels. Through Spartakos, I was able to connect with my body. I began to love it, listen to it, and care for it as if caring for a small child. With Spartakos as my guide and fellow traveler, I trekked past a vegetarian diet to a raw food diet and to an intensive daily exercise regime. Because, i started loving so much the new way of my eating habits, i started experimenting with new recipes and the result was to make my first book "Sweets from Nature" & my ebook "50 Dressings from Nature". This passion for juicing, smoothies, salads & the desire to help you, drived me to be trained in juices and to become a Juice Coach.

Our shared interests with Spartako lead us to a common dream. We wished for many more people to experience what we were living. We wanted them to learn the truth andrelish in it. Because the truth is so simple, it transcends wealth and fame.

 In 2010 we created the www.spartacus.gr website, as well as our YouTube channels Spartacusmission and Healthy Missiontv  (my YouTube chanell). We are already in our seventh year and our viewership is constantly and steadily increasing. Thousands of Greeks find solutions, venues and answers to their questions. Through www.Spartacus.gr we constantly bring to all of you, long lost and forgotten truths on the subject of Natural Hygiene, which were suppressed in the dark, by lies, ignorance and special interests.

However, my journey does not stop here. Through my constant pursues I discovered apart of myself I was not aware of before. I came to realize the great need I had to care for others through the technique of healing touch. The result was my attendance to the Reflexology school, where I studied for 2 years in Athens. After 4 years of practicing reflexology, i realized that I wanted to help people through Thai massage, Holistic Massage & Aromatherapy.

This was the time that I decided to travel to Thailand and learn traditional Thai massage. After hard work i became a Professional Thai Massage Therapist.

At this trip I found how much I loved to travel and this trip it was a real life change for me. I went at the best school of Thai massage in Thailand. I met many different people and I learned from real Thai teachers the ancient healing art of Thai massage. But,  i didn't stopped... i continued my studies and i became a Holistic Massage therapist & Aromatherapist (approved by ITEC).

I always loved the natural ways of healing. Don’t forget that I grow up at Hippocrates  island… Hippocrates used herbs to heal his patients and this was one more reason to love traditional Thai massage. The use of the herbal ball and how the herbs & essential oils help our bodies, was something that really took my heart!

I would like to welcome you at Exclusive Thai Massage and as I don’t like to speak a lot, let my hands do the work…



  • Reflexology Diploma (ITEC)
  • Professional Thai massage Diploma
  • Holistic Massage Therapist (ITEC)
  • Aromatherapist (ITEC)
  • Juice Therapist Certificate
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Hippokrates massage Certificate
  • Thai Reflexology Diploma
  • Thai chair massage Diploma
  • Thai head massage Certificate
  • Authentic Thai Traditional Nerve Touch healing massage Certificate
  • Vertical Reflexology Certificate (Basic & Advance level)
  • Cupping – moxibustion & gua sha Certificate


Katie Johnson

Kitchen Chef

I love to cook. I didn't want to stop working. Thanks to Dionysia my lower back pain & leg cramps has gone. Thank you Dionysia for the real Therapeutic Thai Massage.

Earl Mc


I have been diagnosted with Multiple sclerosis. I didn't have the mood and power to do my everyday house duties. So, i heard for the Reflexology benefits and i thought i should try it and i didn't regret it. Thank you Dionysia, i feel more energized, my pains are less and everyday i have less stress than before.

Maria Kiriakou


No words... Head massage is what i need when i feel my head like a bomb that is ready to explode. Just Wonderful, relaxing feeling!

John Doler


30 minutes of back massage, really helpful for my back pain but mostly for my shoulder pain. Dionysia thank you for you good work...

... Got a question? Just send me a message… I’d love to hear from you!