Touch in Greek is Aggigma. Such a beautiful word!

From the time that we put our hands on someone else body, we start to healing them holistically.

We have been familiar with touch since we were in our mother's belly. Touch is the first sense that a fetus starts to experience. Every day the fetus feels the touch of his mum. Our nature is so special and sometimes we forget it.

Touch is a connection, which offer us warmth and a feeling of safety that we are not alone.

We are feeling the touch through our skin - the biggest and most sensitive organ. Skin is suitable to record the feeling of touching.

The intention of touching is what makes the difference and gives character to the result. When we touch our hands on a person with compassion and good will, we feel the change.

The soft holding and touching with tenderness & care, brings change in the physiology and natural state of the person.

The touch makes us feel worthy, tranquil and we start recognizing our body and it's existence.

When you let your body to feel the touch something beautiful happens. A deep connection starts to develop between Body, Mind and Soul. You get unplugged from the outside world and that's the time that the word Holistic takes place.

Any type of massage needs the use of hands. So the sense of touching is the leading sense and from that time the blood circulation will flow more smoothly, your sensual nerves will calm & the tension will be lessen!

Touch through massage will offer to your body deep relaxation - a state of peace.

Have a Massage to say… I'm Taking Care of myself!

Lot's of Love,



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