During our stay on Kos we (my husband and i) were clients of Dionysia.
She is a lovely person with a relaxing energy who listens to you and gives good advices.... 
The massages were personalized on our body so very effective!
I also can recommend her facial reflexology, your face will look more relaxed and you will feel and look much better afterwards!
When we come to Kos again, we will visit her again, for sure!

Dory Karperi - Netherlands

I have been extremely fortunate to book a few massage appointments during only one week on Kos. Dionysia is a beautiful and kind soul, she has a magic touch. She takes care of you and your needs. The place itself is very beautiful and authentic, surrounded by a garden full of Olive trees and the view is stunning. Once you get to experience Massage on Kos, you will be longing for it always. I recommend everybody to indulge themselves when on Kos!

Alla Fironova - Norway

On my Holiday on Kos I wanted to experience a Holistic massage. I found  Dionysia Toulanta. She is really a caring, professional and experienced Holistic Reflexologist & Massage Therapist. Dionysia is very knowledgeable. I learned so much from here and she made the 90 minutes massage very comfortable and relaxing. Dionysia listend to my concerns and what I really love is how she teaches me why certain muscles are hurting and gave me tips on how to continue my therapy at home. More importantly I felt so much better after the massage and our talk before and after the massage. Not only did my body feel better, my mind did as well. I really would recommend Dyonisia's massage treatment to anyone! She is highly skilled with a combination of massage. 
I booked the 90 minutes massage again before leaving to go back home. This was much better than the 60 minutes, because she could work more my whole body. I felt so comfortable going there. I knew I’d found an exceptional massage therapist. Dyonisia is an amazing person, not only has she got healing hands but she is a beautiful soul with a big heart.

Namaste Dyonisia thanks again for everything!
Moniek Fatingan - Holland

Dionysia from the moment my partner and I arrived showed us warm hospitality. We both received Botanical massages which I would recommend to anyone. She listened to each of our individual needs of the massage itself. Not only that but her massage studio is on a beautiful farm with diverse groups of plants. She went above and beyond after the massage because of my own interest of using plants for different holistic treatments, and gave us samples of herbs to help me with my sensitive skin. It was the whole experience that we loved. Especially her passion and knowledge of massage, holistic approaches, health and her use of plants. Whether you frequent Kos or are just visiting this is an experience you do not want to miss out on. I will be back next time I am in Kos.

Sallie Taylor-Parker - USA

You have a magical touch, Dionysia  

I am grateful and beyond for our encounter and I really hope I see you again. 

Anne - Norway

Dionysia is a lovely therapist, who treated me with a soft and sensible touch.  She listened deeply and gave me the feeling of being a valuable woman. She gave me good advices how to live my life more healthily. I can recommend Dionysia to you, precious human being! 

Yvonne Franssen, Netherlands

Hello Dionysia, Thank you so much for yesterday massage it was very good and very relaxing time in your place, i liked it very much, i wish and hope i can come back again in kos so i can meet you again.

Best regards,

Prescilla V. - Norway

Dionysia has healing hands and is an experienced massage therapist. She asked about my health issues beforehand and put me at ease. So much tension was released, and she identified areas I'm currently having trouble with. I didn't realize how powerful Reflexology was and will continue to have regular sessions.

Emily Harper - UK

Dionysia is a fantastic reflexologist, she is very passionate and knowledgeable in her field. I would highly recommend her if you are visiting kos she can pick you up and bring you to her beautiful and scenic home for treatment. It is a fantastic experience.
Lainey Connolly, UK
If you are looking for a real holistic approach or even a holiday recovery treatment plan, then Dionysia is the right wellness and massage therapist. She truly takes the time to understand your needs, considering body and mind. It was a wonderful experience and I can recommend every session (reflexology, head massage, thai massage, herbal ball and aromatherapy)!
Natalie Ebert, Luxembourg

I recommend to those who have a problem with their waist (and not only) to visit Dionysia at Exclusive Thai Massage. I had pain in my waist that did not pass through me. That's why I decided to visit Dionysia. With only one session the pain from 10 went to 3. He even showed me some exercises. I will definitely go back when I have a theme with my back again.

Dionysia, Thank you that I was fortunate to meet you and to feel these nice feelings of relaxation and well-being thanks to your magic hands... I look forward to our next meeting and I highly recommend it to everyone.

My neck & shoulders still thank you from the Therapeutic Thai massage!

Dave, Cyprus

Having Diabetes from 30 years old, now i am 65 - doctors  gave me only medications. I was trying to find a way to help my body and you came in my life. Reflexology a complementary therapy that even my doctor agreed to follow. 3 months working every week with you and then the rest of the week was a new week! See you soon...

Spyridon, Greece

I was diagnosed with a stomach problem. That was a first sign for me to change. I learned about you from a friend and i said i should try. Then i didnt stop from that time. With the nutritional advices that you gave me, i felt how reflexology was working inside me. You are blessed from God.

George, Greece

Reflexology + Thai Massage? You are great Dionysia! I feel blessed having you in Kos island. You helped me many times when i was stressed, with my knee problems, with my shoulder problem... Just a big THANK you!

Michalis, Greece

Reflexology for me was a tool to overcome the bad symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. 12 sessions and every month one session for prevention was all that i wanted!

Thanks xxx

Katerina, Greece

Thank you very much for all Dionysia!

A. Christou, Cyprus

The rest of the day and the next few days after our Thai massage session I felt very relaxed, calm, peaceful and a generally feeling of seeing everything more beautifull. And in my belly after the waves I felt while we were massaging, now I feel different. I can not explain exactly the feeling I feel but I know it's very nice. Since that day something has changed: For the best of course! Thank you very much for everything. You are amazing, unique and as a person but also at your job!

Eleni Parperi, Cyprus

Dionysia I felt great and thank you. I had an incredible desire to sleep. I relaxed, I felt  lighter and my neck - all well. It's a great blessing to make people feel beautiful… Thank you very much for meeting you and you radiating from positive energy and inexhaustible calm!

Surely I repeat Thai massage

A. Andreou, Cyprus

Good morning Dionysia,

It was very relaxing the Thai massage and when I came home and until 20 and 30 I went to sleep (I never sleep so early because I work until 20:00pm). Today I feel very relaxed I do not hurt at all and I feel well! I'm honest I'm better than ever!

And, of course, I'll come back so I'll keep in touch with you again to arrange an appointment again Saturday! Thank you very much for everything!

V.  Ioannou, Cyprus

She is Fantastic... I felt Great!!!!
I went tired and came out light, restful and revitalized!!!

Congratulations Dionysia!!! Excellent job!!

Maria G., Cyprus