The actual concept of Healing

In Ancient civilizations treatment wasn’t just treating the symptom. The therapist ability was to make sick people understand that they can heel there body on their own.

“Let your body through nature laws to heal you…”

You may ask? How can I be healed, by myself?

You are not alone. First, you have to understand that you lost your valence. This was your power. The therapist through massage will help your body to relax & detox.

Through relaxation and good nutrition, resting, loving yourself you will start to rebalance yourself. What we are looking for is Homeostasis.

Homeostasis can be achieved when your physical, your emotional, your physic, your mental, your logical, your spiritual level are all in balance.

Once you feel this, and you understand how and why you came in this situation, then the healing part came.

“Let go the past and start a New Life”

Face it, do not be afraid. Believe it or not you created the situation that you are facing now. Try to accept it and then solve it.

This is my aim at Massage on Kos… to make you create your new healthy start & enjoy the real meaning of the treatment!

“Your real Treatment - Therapy... is in YOU!”


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