Thai Massage as the name refers, it has it’s origins from Thailand.

Is an ancient massage, really powerful and effective.

The origin of Thai massage is interwoven with the history of Thai people and the development of their unique culture and traditional values.

Thai massage is performed on the floor using unique stretching techniques. This massage releases blockages and increases your energy and flexibility while inducing a peaceful mind.

Is the only massage that combines stretching, flexibility, mobility, releasing, relaxing…. Isn’t that wonderful?

In  Traditional Thai massage receiver don’t need to take of his clothes. He just have to wear comfortable clothes, like when he goes to gym.

As I mentioned above, is performed on a mat on the floor, and not on a massage table as normal Swedish massage is performed.  There is no need of oil using. The giver press with his thumbs to pressure points that they have theurapeutic – relaxing effect on your body.

You may ask: Is it like acupressure?

Well, no. It may seem the same but is not.

Thai massage is based on sen sib theory and not meridians, as is Chinese massage. Sen sib don’t link to the organ. Meridians link to the organ.

According to sen sib theory (Sen means 10 & Sib means line) there are 72.000 channels spread from the abdominal cavity to the rest of our body. Those 72.000 chanells travel through 10 energy lines. These 10 energy lines have been the heart of Thai massage & the basis of Therapeutic Thai massage.

Life force is the vital force of the body. This life force – life energy – Prana - Lom Pran  travel through the 10 energy lines. If a blockage obstruct the energy flow, the wind of life (Prana) in the Sen sib then a disease, pain, etc appears.

That’s why Thai massage helps in removing blockages by pressing the points that affect the wind when pressed. By pressing them we release the blockages. The recipient feels the movement or warm sensation along the path & then the wind becomes free and the disease disappears.

“Thai massage bring balance to Body, Mind & Spirit”

Thai people even now in 2017, almost every week goes to have a treatment of Thai massage. Senior Thai people are more flexible, more happy, than our westerns seniors. And the reason is their lifestyle and culture. They are happy, eat well and every week they have Thai massage.

Thai massage in Thailand is performed along with Traditional Thai medicine.

In past, ancient doctors, like in every ancient civilization (Greek, Chinese, Egypt., etc)  used to  treat a disease with natural treatments.

In some Thai hospitals till now, they combine those traditional natural tools to help their patients.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Promote wellness

Relieve Stress

Reduce body aches & pains

Reduce muscle pain


Overall wellbeing

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Thai Massage

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