In our modern - day lives, many of the disturbances that appears on human organism, are created by stress.

Stress is the internal response that we make to external changes and difficulties, whether real or imagined.

Our body can handle the everyday anxiety, but if it becomes permanent then the problems starts to appear.

Our body reacts unconsciously to threatening situations & the direct response creates some natural physiological changes to our body.

Is the classic fight or flight reaction and is not just in our heads.

All major systems of our body have been activated either to fight off the threatening condition or to flee from it.

So adrenaline is released, the heart rate quickens, muscles tense up, breathing becomes hallower, sweat appears, digestion shut down - the stomach tightens, the immune system dysfunctions and the blood flow lessen in the extremities & the internal organs.

As you can see long term adrenal activity due to everyday stress can ruin all the beautiful moments in our life's.

If you have a body pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcer, headache, overstrain, colitis and heart conditions then all of the above can be negative results created by stress.

The Antidote to stress is the Relaxation and massage or reflexology are the key to relaxation.

A relaxed & balanced body, can heal itself. We cannot feel anxiety, panic, fear, hatred, or bitterness when the body and its muscles are relaxed. All the above problems that I mention due to stress starts to disappear after a therapeutic Massage or Reflexology session.

The regular massage/reflexology can bring you closer to your body and gives you the ability to recognize its needs & wants.

Follow the guaranteed method of relaxing the body, mind and your soul through the powerful antidote… Massage or Reflexology!


Lots of Love,



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