Traditional Thai Massage, Holistic Massage (Swedish massage), Aromatherapy, Authentic Reflexology, Head massage, chair massage…

are the main treatments that you will find me practicing on Kos island (Greece).

You may ask me: "Why choosing you"?

I answer you: “My years of my own health journey drived me to learn & practice the modalities with which I can help people! I approach every person totally different from the other. I saw you the way that you can heal yourself only through natural healing methods, that I learned & practiced the last 13 years".

At Massage on Kos, I approach the whole person in a way that I make you understand how responsible you are for your body illness. Then if you accept it the rest are easy…

At this healing path you are not alone. Our bodies, our minds & our soul’s exchange energy (while the treatment goes on).

This energy is the one that it will help your body – mind & soul reach the ultimate level of health! This is your own healing path...

  • How i make my treatments?

We can work together and make a schedule that it will help you to achieve the best of you. A questionnaire will be given to you at your first appointment. There I will see your problems and I will try to make the best program for you.  No matter the time, even if it’s 30 minutes or 60 minutes or 2 hours treatment you will see and feel the difference. It will be my pleasure to work with you. Get in touch through my website... CONTACT

"Just Try to Listen to your Body...  is talking to you!"