It was the end of my training in "normal" reflexology when i met Vertical reflex therapy at a reflexology conference in Athens. I was impressed by how comortably the teacher was moving around patients body.

So, that it was and i learned VRT reflexology.

What means VRT?  It means Vertical Reflexology.

At Vertical Reflexology feet are treated while you stand. Applied to the dorsal surface of the feet and hands.

Lynne Booth is the founder of the method. At first it was founded to help people with orthopedic problems but as the years followed it has been seen that it can help many other problems.

The therapy is short, flexible and efficient. If Normal reflexology is around 50 - 60 minutes, vertical reflexology can be about 20 - 30 minutes and is really beneficial. The body responds very quickly in VRT, sometimes with instant results in orthopedic problems.

VRT treatment can be applied on her own, or can be combined with normal Reflexology. After taking your health history we will decide if your reflexology session is going to be compined with VRT.

"Try VRT Reflexology & Synergestic Reflexology for quick

and more permanent results"


vertical reflexology

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